Supply-Side Opportunities and Constraints of Bank Credit to MSMEs in Zambia: Lessons and Implications for Policy

We thank TrustAfrica and IDRC for financial support and Bankers Association of Zambia for coordinating the survey of banks and giving substantial inputs on the study design. We also thank Bank of Zambia, Ministry of Commerce  Trade and Industry (MCTI), Ministry of Finance, Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) and Zambia Chamber of Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ZACSMBA) for active representation on the study technical committee. We  also thank all the commercial banks that responded positively in the study. The study benefited from participants of the dissemination workshop held on 23rd August at Radisson Blu Hotel in Lusaka.

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Chrispin Mphukaa, Joseph Simumbab, Mashekwa Maboshea and Bernard Bandab

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