Taping Export Opportunities for Horticulture Products in Tanzania: Do We Have Supporting Policies and Institutional Frameworks?

The major economic activity in Tanzania specifically in rural areas is agriculture. Tanzania is blessed 94.5 million hectares of land out of which 44 million hectares are classified as suitable for agriculture (ASDS, 2001). The land  use pattern has not changed much over time with expansion of farming taking place around already populated areas to the extent of fuelling conflicts between land cultivators and nomadic pastoralists. Part of the arable land is  marginally suitable for agricultural production for a variety of reasons, including soil leaching, recurring drought, and tsetse infestation, such that only 10.1 million hectares or 23 percent of the arable land is cultivated. This includes  around 2.2 to 3.0 million hectares of annual crops, fallow of up to 5 years, permanent crops and pasture.

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