The Public Prosecution versus Hisséne HABRE: SUMMARY OF THE THIRTY-FIRST HEARING HELD ON 22 OCTOBER 2015

Testimonies heard today, like others during the course of the week, revolved mainly around the
torture and inhuman acts perpetrated in detention centres. The first witness, who was continuing her
testimony from 21 October, stated that she was among the 9 women deported to Wadidoum. She
provided further details on her conditions of detention at “the buildings” where she was held for
two years with her then 12-year old daughter. Contrary to the statements of previous witnesses
deported to Wadidoum who claimed that the older women were spared, this witness averred that
she was sexually abused. The second witness, Fatimé Sakine, also talked about her conditions of
detention at “the buildings”, where she was also sexually abused. She claimed that she was dubbed
Mrs. Younouss given the number of times the DDS Director would summon her to his office.

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