TrustAfrica to launch political-economy gem

TRUSTAFRICA, a Senegal-based organisa-tion, will on Thursday evening launch Beyond the Crisis: Zimbabwe’s Prospects for Transformation.
The book is a gem that seeks to tackle policy alternatives the southern African nation could have pursued to avoid the quagmire that has entangled it today.
Edited by Tendai Murisa and Tendai Chikweche, the book admits Zimbabwe has attracted regional and international attention over settler co-lonialism, decolonisation, independ-ence, contested land redistribution and economic collapse among other contentious issues.
The late former president of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere reportedly told President Robert Mugabe when Zimbabwe attained independence in 1980; “You have inhented the jewel of Africa. Keep it that way ”
How ominous the words sound today when one looks back in retrospect.
The socio-economic and political crises that have blighted the country since the turn of the century have deeply transformed it from the ideals of a vibrant freshly independent na-tion just two decades earlier.

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