A collection of 700+ reports, case studies, articles, and conference proceedings about giving and philanthropy in Africa, equitable development and democratic governance. 

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TrustAfrica – Annual Report FY 2022


RECLAIM Sustainability! 2021 Progress Report 

Communities Discriminated on Work and Descent in Africa and Status of Modern Slavery –  REGIONAL REPORT 2023

Our Giving: African philanthropy and the narrative divides

Philanthropic Privilege and Constituency Agency

Rapport Annuel 2013

Rapport Annuel 2011-2012

Rapport Annuel 2009-2010

Partenariat mondial et Action conjointe dans la lutte contre la Discrimination fondée sur le Travail, l’Ascendance, l’Intouchabilité, les formes contemporaines d’Esclavage et les formes analogues de Discrimination

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