Senegal: TrustAfrica Foundation Donates Computer Equipment

January 24th, 2023

Le Soleil

January 18. 2012

The organization Seneclic has approved, yesterday, a donation worth about 10 million CFA francs. Offered by the Foundation TrustAfrica, this lot consisting essentially of computer equipment will help to strengthen the already established fight against the digital divide and social exclusion in schools.

The TrustAfrica Foundation is involved in the fight against the digital divide in Senegal. Yesterday at Seneclic, the Foundation donated a lot of property in an amount of about 10 million CFA francs. This batch is composed, among others, of 7 desktop computers, 6 laptops (flat screen), two televisions, five printers, four airconditioners, several UPS machines,and photocopiers.

According to the director of Seneclic, Ababacar Diop, access to Information Technology and Communication (ICT) is a powerful tool for the development of all sectors of life.

“In today’s environment where multi-polarization and economic globalization are gaining in depth, our country faces new challenges on the path to development,” he said.

For him, the mission of this structure, as part of the policy of reducing the digital divide, is to equip elementary schools with multimedia rooms. “The main objective is to settle in over 8,000 elementary schools in the national territory,” said Mr. Diop suggested that a synergy of actions between the different partners of Senegal.

According to him, reducing the digital divide is possible through digital solidarity. “This is the essence of our ambition to collect 150,000 computers by 2015.”

True to its philosophy, it is the belief of TrustAfrica that Africans must establish their own development program and initiate its implementation.
It is within this context that the donation was made to Seneclic. According to the CEO- of TrustAfrica, Akwasi Aidoo, the solution to the African digital divide remains. Among other programs, the Foundation is working, since its inception, to ensure the necessary conditions for the development of Africa.

“We believe that this batch of equipment will contribute to the productivity of beneficiaries. We believe an active citizen is an essential element for a prosperous and sustainable society,” said Mr. Aidoo who invited other partners to join this active solidarity to fight against the digital divide.

The statement said the mission at Seneclic is the fight against the digital divide through a policy of integration of ICT in teaching and through recycling and sustainable utility of computer equipment collected from national and international partners.

-Tata SANE

Translated from the French

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