Shaping the Future We Want for Africa

January 24th, 2023

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed, at a global level, the abnormalcy of prevailing social, economic and political systems – particularly their failure to protect the most vulnerable. At TrustAfrica, we are clear that there is no going back to the old normal. Accordingly, our current focus is on building forward better.  We need new models across our economic, social and political systems that will protect the most marginalized and work for everyone. Earlier this month we concluded our strategic retreat, where we reaffirmed the theme of our strategic plan for the period 2020-2024 as Shaping the Future we Want for Africa! 

 Fifteen years ago now, TrustAfrica was birthed as a vehicle to mobilize the big resources required to support African Agency in setting priorities and championing responses to the most pressing issues facing the content. This remains the most important purpose behind our existence.  Our raison d’etre! 

As we reflect on the way ahead, two priorities particularly come to the fore for us as the key questions of our time and therefore the overarching themes defining all our work – ACCOUNTABILITY and EQUITY! Together these two add up to and speak to our commitment to JUSTICE in everything that matters for the continent’s development and humanity’s progress. The global dynamics at play makes t it critical to ensure that we are Shaping the Future We Want for Africa and that Africa is not left behind in the big project to build forward better

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Equitable Development: We are tackling a multiplicity of issues including natural resource governance and development finance; climate justice and, food sovereignty; as well as the fourth industrial revolution and the future of work – all with a view to create conditions for inclusive, sustainable and dignified development on the continent.   

Democratic Governance: We are working to ensure that those who hold power are answerable to citizens and that the rule of law prevails.  To this end, our priorities include strengthening citizens movements to push back against the closure of civic space and the generalized clampdown on human rights; and supporting civil society working to enhance the transparency and accountability of elections; as well as working to end impunity and ensure international justice for atrocity crimes.  

African Philanthropy: As a founding member of the African Philanthropy Network and other affinity groups, we will continue with work to foster an enabling environment and a stronger knowledge base and a vibrant community of practice for African philanthropy; promoting more African giving and harnessing home-grown resources for development.  

Equally, we are prioritizing building TrustAfrica into a Resilient Institution for the ages. COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of proximate actors in responding to continental challenges, and as TrustAfrica we will work diligently in this period to strengthen institutional resilience and agility    to enhance its ability to deliver on our mission in partnership with local actors across the continent.  



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