Abdarahmane Wone

Communications Officer

Abdarahmane Wone, known to us as Abda, joined TrustAfrica as a Communications Officer in November 2018. He is an experienced journalist and a communications specialist who has been engaged in a full spectrum of communications roles and activities for over two decades, both within and outside Africa. He has worked with key players, sectors and organizations implementing programmes for the benefit of the African Social Science community and in support of the Africa citizenry. In addition to the communications aspect, he is also currently managing Social Movements Program (SMP) and the Discrimination Based on Work and Descent and the Slavery portfolio at TrustAfrica.

Abdarahmane Wone, is a leading Human Rights activists from Mauritania, who has been involved in the fight against human rights abuses and equality for more than thirty years. Born in 1973, in the Southern part of Mauritania, Abda Wone and his family were forced to leave the country in 1989. While in the US, he was a speaker for the American Anti-Slavery group, traveling around the world to speak against racism and slavery in Mauritania. These experiences have made Abda particularly passionate about the questions of citizenship on the continent which he is harnessing in managing the portfolio on Discrimination Based on Work and Descent.

In 2008, Abda Wone joined the Brooklyn, NY- based CBO, CAMBA, Inc and worked and taught US culture, ESL and Job readiness and professional development to diverse groups of migrant students and job seekers. Prior to being resettled in the United States in 2000, Abdarahmane was a reporter for the Senegalese newspaper, Sud Quotidien.Prior to joining TrustAfrica, he was the head of the Communication Unit of CODESRIA for seven years (2011-2018).He is also currently a Global Council member for the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCPA).

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