Annah Matsika


Annah Matsika is the founder and director of 1 Million Girls ñ an initiative that seeks to support girls from difficult backgrounds and survivors of sexual abuse to access education and transition in life. The dream of 1 million girls is to see more girls liberated and empowered through education, skills development, and finding themselves. Matsika is also the co-founder of Section7, an initiative that uses the constitution as a platform for community building and empowering young people to demand and defend their rights. Moreover, she is the Academic Director at theSxoll an initiative that builds leadership capacity among young people in Zimbabwe to reimagine the future they are likely to live in. Matsika believes in the power of philanthropy to support, rebuild and live for a cause bigger than oneself: 

“As a visionary leader, I strive to give a fighting chance to every girl regardless of her background or past experiences.”

Her civic engagement experience also includes being the co-founder and Convener of theSpaceGathering, which is an annual premier developmental platform that brings diverse groups of people, institutions, actors and practitioners in international development cooperation into direct conversation with youths and young peopleís initiatives. theSpaceGathering is both a space and a commitment to building the future of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe of the future for and by young people. 

Annah is a governance specialist by training with expertise in the areas of child rights, youth inclusion, social movement building, organisational and institutional reform, program management, policy analysis, capacity building and human rights. She is Head of Department [Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning], ACTION CONTRE LA FAIM, Zimbabwe. She has also, in the past, held senior positions in other international organizations, including Plan International and World Vision. She holds an MPhil in Monitoring and Evaluation, obtained at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and an MSc in International Relations, conferred by the University of Zimbabwe.

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