Tell Me a Story: Results from Our Grantees

August 6, 2014

A Lesson in Peace

Victor Ochen experienced firsthand the devastation caused by the ongoing conflict in Northern Uganda. It is what produced his deep compassion for victims of the conflict. And like those victims, he was looking for answers, for a way out of war. He assumed those answers could be found through peace, so he established the Uganda chapter of the African Youth Initiative Network.

This victim-centered civil society organization, based in Lira, Uganda, focuses on three critical areas: health and psychosocial rehabilitation, engaging people and communities in transitional justice processes, and empowering and training youth in leadership skills. AYINET was responsible for organizing the first-ever National War Victims’ Conference in Uganda, sponsored with a grant from TrustAfrica’s International Criminal Justice Fund. As his organization grew and he began to work more closely with victims of war, Victor’s understanding about conflict changed.  As you will see in this video, he realized that talking about peace just wasn’t enough. As he states, “the victims who need peace, needed a more practical peace.” Learn how AYINET is transforming lives and helping victims find a practical peace.

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