The Case for Human Rights Funding in Africa

November 2, 2018

Fundamental human rights are reported to have diminished in almost two-thirds of the 113 countries surveyed for the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index. This backlash against human rights coupled with a global trend of closing civic spaces creates serious challenges for funders and their grantees. In 2015, 12% of global human rights funding was for work to benefit Sub-Saharan Africa, and included grants from seven Africa-based funders.

In this session, Jeanne Elone (TrustAfrica) holds a conversation with Mukami Marete (UHAI-EASHRI), Irwin Iradukunda (Africa Queer Youth Initiative), and Rachel Thomas (Human Rights Funders Network) to discuss human rights funding in Africa, highlighting the issues prioritized, strategies used, and populations served. The session will unpack funding trends, present tools to help funders make more informed decisions, and promote discussion about where we want to go and steps we should take to get there.

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