The Senegal Declaration on the Setting up of an African Journalists Against Illicit Financial Flows (AJAIFF) Network

June 28, 2022

Deeply concerned by the huge illicit financial flows (IFFs) from Africa, TrustAfrica, Dakar, Senegal held a two-day capacity-building workshop for journalists and media professionals in the West African sub-region working on issues related to IFFs.

At the end of the 2-day workshop, which was held from June 23-24, 2022, the participating journalists resolved and affirmed as follows:

i. Whereas illicit financial flows (IFFs) pose a grave danger to Africa’s development, it has become urgent and imperative to take concerted media action against it;

ii. That we resolved to set up a network to be known as AFRICAN JOURNALISTS AGAINST ILLICIT FINANCIAL FLOWS (AJAIFF)’

iii. That AJAIFF will enhance the capacity of its members and other journalists and media professionals not only in the sub-region but also across the continent to spotlight issues of IFFs;

iv. That AJAIFF will work as a team, investigate, share information and experiences on issues of IFFs and work towards eradicating /stopping them;

v. That AJAIFF will collaborate with relevant regional and continental bodies and institutions such as the AU, ECOWAS, TRUSTAFRICA on matters related to IFFS;

vi. That AJAIFF will help to build a pool of tertiary institution’s journalists in training to become future champions of the struggle/war against IFFs by influencing curriculum.

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