TrustAfrica is Pleased to Announce the Arrival of a Groundbreaking Book on African Philanthropy

January 24th, 2023, by TrustAfrica.

TrustAfrica and Amalion publishing are proud to launch the latest addition to the growing cadre of information on the field of African Philanthropy.  The new book, Giving to Help, Helping to Give: The Context and Politics of African Philanthropy asks the question ‘When referring to ‘philanthropy’ in Africa, what comes to mind?’  While the West may have been first to institutionalize, legalize and define the terms of philanthropy, the practice of philanthropy has existed much, much longer in Africa.  Sixteen chapters cover the four regions of Africa and each chapter provides a snapshot of philanthropy within a contextual, analytical, political and, at times, philosophical framework by noted researchers and practitioners from around the continent. 

 In the past, there was a paucity of literature on philanthropy in Africa, but as the books’ editors’ note, that has begun to change.  This book attempts to add to this growing body of knowledge by raising questions and examining issues that will hopefully serve to document and inspire more discussion and greater awareness regarding this emerging field for development.

“We are excited to launch this ground-breaking work.  It is the first of its kind to offer an in-depth examination of the complex issues surrounding the emerging field of study on African philanthropy,” said Prof. Tade Akin Aina, one of the book’s editors. 
Added editor Dr. Bhekinkosi Moyo, “It is our hope that this work inspires more people to become engaged on this important topic.  Africans have an important and unique space in the world’s philanthropic traditions and through this work, we hope to ignite further discussion, examination and reflection on this critical area of development.”

The contents are as follows:
-The State, Politics and Philanthropy in Africa: Framing the Context by Tade Akin Aina
-Trends, Innovations and Partnerships for Development in African Philanthropy by Bhekinkosi Moyo
-“I Am Well If You Are Well”: Nervous Conditions of Philanthropy in African Culture by Robert Muponde
-Traditional Philanthropy in Pre-Colonial Asante by Kwaku Asante-Darko
-Horizontal Philanthropy Among the Poor in Southern Africa: Grounded Perspectives on Social Capital and Civic Association by Alan Fowler & Susan Wilkinson-Maposa
-The Challenge of Philanthropy in East Africa by Connie Ngondi-Houghton & Andrew Kingman
-Philanthropy and Equity: The Case of South Africa by Christa L. Kuljian
-Conceptual Frameworks Influencing Social Justice Philanthropy: A Study of Independent Funders in South Africa by Halima Mahomed
-Philanthropy in Egypt by Marwa El Daly
-Philanthropy in Nigeria: State of the Practice and New Frontiers by Kayode Samuel
-Institutional Forms of Philanthropy in Francophone West Africa by Mohamadou Sy &  Ibrahima Hathie
-Diaspora Philanthropy and Development: Zimbabweans in South Africa by James Muzondidya & Bertha Chiroro
-Diaspora Remittances: Motivations, Organization and Contribution to Social Welfare in Central Africa by Gérard Tchouassi & Fondo Sikod
-Fish or Fishing Lines? Muslim Women and Philanthropy in Tanzania by Saïda Yahya-Othman
-Islamic Philanthropy in Tanzania: Unexploited Treasure by Mohammed A. Bakari
-Roots Not Seeds: A Case Study of the Origins of Two Successful African Philanthropic Institutions by Jenny Hodgson
For more information on how you can purchase the book, please visit the Amalion Website at

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