TrustAfrica’s 10th Anniversary

January 24th, 2023, by TrustAfrica.


Come and join us as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, a proud milestone in our quest for political, economic and social justice in Africa. From humble beginnings with five staff members in Dakar, TrustAfrica has grown to become a trusted partner for continental development. Celebrations will include the launch of a book on philanthropy; a Conference in Ethiopia, and many other celebratory events. Be part of the festivities and share our joy as we reflect on a decade of TrustAfrica.

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#TA10 Blog series

As part of our ten year celebrations we will introduce the TrustAfrica@10 Blog Series on our website and social media platforms. This will be a forum for the TrustAfrica board, staff and allies to say something about our work, lessons learnt and share any reflections in a conversational manner.

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Staff Voices @ 10

A mini documentary showcasing voices of staff on what TrustAfrica, its work and approach means to them and their expectations for the future.

#TA10 Celebrations in Pictures

Dakar, Senegal – On Monday, TrustAfrica celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Almadies Ngor, Dakar, Senegal. The celebrations were attended by leading civil society actors, policy makers and well-wishers.
6 June 2016, marked 10 years since TrustAfrica was launched as an independent organization working to strengthen African initiatives and secure conditions for democracy and equitable development on the continent.

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