TrustAfrica’s Reclaim Sustainability! Programme: Enhancing Gold Value Chains and Trade 

July 8, 2024

TrustAfrica has been implementing the Reclaim Sustainability! (RS!) Programme in the gold value chains and trade across Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda since 2021, alongside its partners. Over a five-year period, this programme aims to address key challenges and amplify the voices of artisanal and small-scale miners (ASM) in advocating for policies that are more sustainable, transparent, and just. The ultimate goal is to contribute to a responsible global gold value chain where ASM, including women miners, are recognized and operate under legal and safe conditions, participate in inclusive decision-making, and ensure biodiversity protection. 

In collaboration with the Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW), TrustAfrica conducted country-level studies to examine the domestication status of the Africa Mining Vision (AMV) within national mining visions and policies. SARW, a leading African CSO, focuses on the participatory, transparent, and accountable utilization of extractive resources to maximize transformative social and economic benefits with sensitivity to environmental and human rights impacts. 

The studies conducted in Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya highlight the progress and challenges in the domestication efforts of the AMV, offering key recommendations for accelerating these efforts to benefit national and regional mining and mineral resource development. 

TrustAfrica will host multistakeholder dialogues to promote discourse and collaboration for responsible and sustainable ASM policies and regulatory frameworks. These dialogues aim to enhance the well-being of ASM communities by promoting the domestication and implementation of key principles of the Africa Mining Vision. During these events, the findings and recommendations from each country’s study will be shared, creating a platform for diverse stakeholders to adopt inclusive recommendations for sustainable mining practices. 

Upcoming Events 

The proposed stakeholder dialogues and regional conferences aim to strengthen the domestication of the Africa Mining Vision through inclusive discussions, dissemination of research findings, and promotion of regional cooperation. By engaging stakeholders at multiple levels, we can ensure the mining sector contributes meaningfully to sustainable development across Africa. 

  • Ghana: 23rd July 2024 
  • Uganda: 5th August 2024 
  • Kenya: Date To Be Confirmed 

We look forward to your participation and collaboration in these crucial discussions to drive sustainable and responsible mining practices in Africa. 

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